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Our Patriot Ancestors

The list below shows the American Revolutionary War ancestors of the members of the España Chapter, NSDAR. It also shows citizens and civil servants who provided patriotic service, aiding the revolutionary cause by providing for soldiers’ families, serving on safety committees, recruiting, providing supplies, pasturage, and corn for the militia, and attending the Constitutional Convention.

If any of these ancestors are familiar to you, you may be a descendant and possibly eligible to join the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Our American Revolutionary War ancestors hail from all 13 colonies: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, as well as the countries of Spain, France, and Germany. Their ranks ranged from humble to high: privates, corporals, sergeants, staff officers, ensigns, lieutenants, captains, lieutenant colonels and even a commander. Their military service included militia duty and participation in numerous battles including the Siege of Boston (1775–76), the Battle of Bennington (1777), and the Siege of Pensacola (1781).

If you are interested in knowing whether your ancestor is recognized by the DAR as a Revolutionary Patriot, please use the NSDAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) for ancestor searches.

Patriots listed by name and state
Surname Place of Birth Year of Birth Place of Death Year of Death
Pvt. John Allen Allen, John Circa 1731 MA 1778 Massachusetts MA Capt. Job Peirce, Col. Sprout
Lt.Col. Charles Blount Blount, Charles NC 1721 NC 1785 North Carolina NC Militia, Member of Provincial Congress
Lt. Smith Bowen Bowen, Smith MA 1738 RI 1827 Rhode Island RI Member of Alarm Company, Capt. Amos Haile
Benjamin Brown Brown, Benjamin NH 1713 NH 1806 New Hampshire NH Patriotic Service, Signed Association Test
Pvt. Nicholas Buck Buck, Nicholas France Circa 1730 PA Ante 1786 Pennsylvania PA Associated Company for Springfield Twp, Bucks Co
Pvt. Daniel Cadwell Cadwell, Daniel MA 1735 MA 1799 Massachusetts MA Member Committee of Inspection
Pvt. Lawrence Campbell, Jr. Campbell, Lawrence Jr. VA 1763 KY Post 1840 Virginia VA Capt. Penn, Col. Scott, VA Line
John Cave Cave, John VA 1725 KY Post 1809 Virginia VA Patriotic Service, furnished supplies
Pvt. Asa Chaplin Chaplin, Asa MA 1739 MA 1807 Massachusetts MA Capt. Simon Brown, Col. Nathaniel Wade
Daniel Cole, Sr. Cole, Daniel Sr. MA 1727 RI 1819 Rhode Island RI Justice of the Peace, Warren, 1776-1783
Capt. David S. Demarest Demarest, David NJ 1736 NJ 1810 New Jersey NJ Lieutenant under Captain Blanch, NJ State Troops
Commander Pierre Claude, Marquis du Quesne du Quesne, Pierre Claude Martinique 1751 Cuba 1834 Kingdom of France France Naval commander on ‘Le Triomphe’ who brought confirmation of signing articles for peace from Paris
Sgt. William Eddy Eddy, William RI 1746 MA 1777 Massachusetts MA Capt. John Wood, Col. Paul Dudley
Pvt. Jonathan Ellis Ellis, Jonathan MA 1731 CT 1790 Connecticut CT Capt. Nehemiah Waterman, Col. Nathan Gallup, 20th Regiment, CT Militia
Ebenezer Foster Foster, Ebenezer MA 1732 MA 1811 Massachusetts MA Staff Officer, Civil Service; Adjutant, Col. Convers, 4th Regiment Worcester County Militia; Oakham Selectman
Pvt. Nathaniel French, Jr. French, Nathaniel Jr. MA 1747 VT 1811 Vermont VT Capt. Jason Duncan; Col. John Sargent
Nathaniel French, Sr. French, Nathaniel Sr. MA 1721 VT 1801 Vermont VT Member of Committee of Correspondence
Pvt. John Friend Friend, John PA 1732 MD Post 1808 Maryland MD Capt. Charles Colson
Pvt. Jacob Fulmer Fulmer, Jacob SC 1762 SC 1839 South Carolina SC Capt. John Adam Summers, Col. Jonas Beard, Glenn
Pvt. Henry Funk Funk, Henry PA 1729 VA Ante 1794 Pennsylvania PA Capt. Peter Kooken, Northampton County Militia
Pvt. John Glenn Glenn, John Ireland 1741 PA 1820 Pennsylvania PA Capt. William Moore, 2nd Batt, 1st County Cumberland County Militia
Pvt. John Granger Granger, John MA 1764 NY 1812 Massachusetts MA Capt. Thrall, Col. Willett
Pvt. Joseph Harvey Harvey, Joseph VA 1754 KY 1828 Virginia VA Capt. Francis Taylor, 2nd Regiment, Continental Line
Pvt. Nathaniel Holmes Holmes, Nathaniel MA 1728 MA 1783 Massachusetts MA Capt. Robert Swan, Col. Gill, 1776
Pvt. Samuel Rossiter Hoppin Hoppin, Samuel Rossiter CT 1757 MA 1800 Massachusetts MA Capts. William Cooley, Aaron Coe, Cols. John Mosley, Timothy Robbins, Hampshire County Militia; Capt. David Wheler, Col. Benjamin Simonds, Lanesborough
Lt. John Johnson Johnson, John NY 1753 NY 1829 New Jersey NJ Ordl-Sgt,Capts. Harker, Seward, Headley, Hill, Capt. Ribble, Col. Thompson
Michael Leatherman Leatherman, Michael MD 1761 PA 1811 Pennsylvania PA Suffered depredation, Washington Company, 1781
Pvt. Stephen Lincoln Lincoln, Stephen MA 1751 MA 1840 Massachusetts MA Rhode Island Campaign
Thomas McKean McKean, Thomas PA 1734 PA 1817 Delaware PA, DE Signer of Declaration of Independence, President of Continental Congress, Chief Justice, PA
Pvt. Andrew McMeans McMeans, Andrew PA 1740 Post 1780 Virginia VA Capt. George Owens, Militia
Anne Wilson McMeans McMeans, Anne Wilson, Willson PA 1744 PA 1837 Virginia VA Patriotic service, sewed shirts for soldiers at Fort Jefferson, KY, 1780
William McPherson, Sr. McPherson, William Sr. Scotland 1726 NC Ante 1818 North Carolina NC Patriotic Service, furnished supplies
Pvt. Jesse Manley Manley, Jesse MA 1754 NY 1832 Massachusetts MA Lex Alarm, Capt. Jonas Allen, Col. Doolittle
Pvt. Nathan Mansfield, Jr. Mansfield, Nathan Jr. CT 1748 CT 1835 Connecticut CT Capts. Matthews, John Tomlinson, Pembleton, Peck, Abel Baldwin, Col. Heman Swift, Continental Line
Pvt. Samuel Mapes Mapes, Samuel NY 1735 NY 1820 New York NY Capt. Isaiah Vail, Col. James Mcclaughry, 2nd Regiment, Ulster County Militia
Ens. Isaac Meacham Meacham, Isaac MA 1748 1828 Massachusetts MA, VT Capts. Abiathar Angel, John Wright, Col. David Brewer, MA; Capt. John Starke, Col. Ira Allen, VT; Ens. under Capt. Zadock Everest, Col. Ira Allen
Pvt. Abraham Miller Miller, Abraham PA 1741 PA Ante 1805 Pennsylvania PA Capt. Thomas Laird, Col. Samuel Irwin; Cumberland County Militia
Gabriel Miller Miller, Gabriel VA 1735 VA 1787 Virginia VA Patriotic Service, furnished supplies to Continental Army
John Montgomery Montgomery, John DE 1732 NC 1818 North Carolina NC Patriotic Service, Member of Committee, 1776
Juan María Muñoz y Manito Muñoz Manito, Juan María Spain 1761 Spain 1848 Spain Spain Expeditions to New Orleans, Mobile, and Pensacola, 1779-1780
Staff Officer William Patten Patten, William PA 1758 PA 1848 Pennsylvania PA Quartermaster, Capts. Mitchell, Graham, Mcfarlane, Cols. Davis, Dunlap, Gibson
Pvt. Michael Patterson Patterson, Michael Ireland 1758 NY 1835 New York NY Capts. Hasbrook, Broadhead, Launsberry; Cols. Mclary, Paulding, Graham, Cortland
Pvt. Ephraim Powers Powers, Ephraim MA 1755 NY 1835 Massachusetts MA Capt. Israel Chapin,Col. Elisha Porter
Nathan Gove Prescott Prescott, Nathan Gove NH 1735 ME 1825 New Hampshire NH Patriotic Service, Signed Association Test 1776
Pvt. Moses Preston Preston, Moses VA 1762 KY 1842 Virginia VA Maj Hill; Capt. Boyer; Cols. Buford, Campbell
Lt.Col. John Ralston Ralston, John PA 1744 PA 1825 Pennsylvania PA Capt, 2nd Batt, Col. Hockley; Col. William Evans, 4th Batt, Chester County Militia
Pvt. Joseph Redding Redding, Joseph VA 1750 KY 1815 Virginia VA 2nd Virginia State Regiment
Johann Peter Reeg Reeg, Johann Peter Germany 1720 PA 1791 Pennsylvania PA Took Oath of Allegiance, 8-18-1777
Pvt. Michael Remaly Remaly, Michael Germany 1731 PA 1793 Pennsylvania PA Capt. Reader, 6th Batt, 5th Company, Northampton County Militia
Pvt. Joseph Rexford Rexford, Joseph CT 1763 CT 1836 New York NY Capt. Bartholomew Barrett, Capt. Holt Dunham, Col. Willis
Pvt. Richard Roberts Roberts, Richard VA 1755 VA 1830 Virginia VA Capt. George Slaughter, Cols. Muhlenberg, Bowman
Brig.Gen. James Robertson Robertson, James VA 1742 TN 1814 North Carolina NC Judge, Member of Committee to carry out Cumberland Compact
John Rodney Rodney, John DE 1725 DE 1792 Delaware DE Civil Service, Military Treasurer
Pvt. Calleralzamon Rubison Rubison, Calleralzamon VA 1764 IN 1834 North Carolina NC Capt. Dickerson, Col. Moore, Militia 1780
Abraham Sankey Sankey, Abraham Ante 1750 DE Ante 1789 Delaware DE Patriotic Service, paid Supply Tax, 1779
John Shadday Shadday, John Circa 1738 NC Ante 1812 North Carolina NC Patriotic Service, Overseer of Road; Furnished Supplies
Pvt. Anthony Shaffer Shaffer, Anthony Germany 1744 PA 1825 Pennsylvania PA Capt. Rader, Col. Geiger, 3rd Class 6th Batt, Northampton Company, Militia, Ranger on the Frontier
James Suggett Suggett, James VA 1712 VA Post 1786 Virginia VA Defended Bryants Station VA
Pvt. John Suggett Suggett, John VA 1751 KY 1834 Virginia VA Defended Bryants Station VA
Mildred Davis Suggett Suggett, Mildred VA 1756 KY 1834 Virginia VA Defended Bryants Station VA
QMS Daniel Taft, Jr. Taft, Daniel Jr. MA 1751 CT 1810 Massachusetts MA Quartermaster Sergeant under Capt. Read, Col. Nathaniel Tyler's Regiment
Pvt. Meredith Taylor Taylor, Meredith NC 1764 AL 1844 South Carolina SC Capts. Simonds, Robertson, Lester; Cols. Goodwin,Taylor, Bratton
Pvt. Abner Tremain Tremain, Abner MA 1761 NY 1823 New York NY Col. Philip Van Cortland, 2nd Regiment
Col. Francis Triplett Triplett, Francis VA 1728 VA Ante 1795 Virginia VA Member House of Delegates
Ens. Samuel Tuck Tuck, Samuel NH 1738 1777 New Hampshire NH Capt. Porter Kimball; Signer of Association Test, Brentwood
Pvt. James Warren Warren, James MA 1711 RI 1790 Massachusetts MA Clerk to Lt Cornelius Warren, Col. Pope
Sgt. Timothy Wellington Wellington, Timothy MA 1747 MA 1809 Massachusetts MA Capt. John Bridge, Col. Eleazer Brooks
Abner White White, Abner MA 1725 NY Ante 1794 New York NY Civil Service, Overseer of Highways, 1782-1783; Charlotte Pct, Dutchess Co
Jacob Wise Wise, Jacob Switzerland 1734 PA Post 1790 Pennsylvania PA Private Militia at Ft. Pitt
Henry Yeary, Sr. Yeary, Henry Sr. VA 1730 VA 1799 Virginia VA Patriotic Service, rendered material aid
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